Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 8 = 10/12/07 = Chapter 11 Maps

The tan colored map shows a section that has been aggregated into five lease polygons and the letter map makes it easy to compare the lease area values.

The first map shows a section that contains streams in it. The streams extend beyond this section but have been condensed down. The second map shows a selected section that is ready for data analysis. This map shows a section of Goshawk nests.

Week 8 = 10/12/07 = Chapter 10 Maps

This map shows a selection of neighborhoods that contain a shopping center in them.

This map shows a commerical zoned area that contains a shopping center. Of course the area is zoomed in to better show the shopping area.

Week 8 = 10/12/07

Today in class we had our second test for the semester. Since I took the first test kinda late, I haven't recieved my grade from the first test when I took the second test. Maybe next class I can get my grades from both tests. In addition to the test we also looked at chapter nine powerpoint. Mr. Kennedy did something kinda different for the powerpoint. He displayed the powerpoint on the projector as well as on all the lab computers. He did this to better show the maps that were in the powerpoint. After the powerpoint we did chapters ten, eleven, and twelve in the GTKA for lab. I now have gotten in the habit of saving the maps as jpegs so I can post them on this blog site. It is going to take about another week to get all the images from the past chapters on the site. Displaying above the blog should be the maps from chapters ten and eleven. The maps for twelve are going to be added to that in about three days.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 7 = 10/05/07

Today in class we looked at attribute data and tables. Yes, today I was not in class due to my own fault. What can I say but I overslept and missed the entire class. I kinda wish I hadn't missed this class due to the announcement of a test next class period. The test will cover chapters 4,6,7, and 8. Assigned was also 7A, 7B, 8, and 9 lab exercises in the GIS book. At least I think that 7A and 7B were assigned. Needless to say that I am going to be doing alot of lab work Thursday afternoon and night to prep for this test. About three posts up from this one should be some maps and tables for chapter eight and nine. Chapter seven maps are coming soon.