Friday, October 19, 2007

Week 9 = 10/19/07 = Spatial Exercises Map

This map shows the suitable locations for areas for a new school based on some conditions that were established in the calculations. These highlighted areas are away from existing schools and close to recreation sites. Due to the small size of the map it might be hard to tell that right now. If you would like me to display the calculations for displaying this then post a comment and I will display that image.

Week 9 = 10/19/07 = Chapter 12 Maps

The map on the right shows an area in which the trees are not able to be cut down and logging is prohibited. The map on the left shows both areas that are and are not able to be cut down. In theory these maps will be used to help logging companies. If you would like me to enlarge the images then post a comment and I will try to post the larger image.

This map shows the harvestable areas that have a query that was created to display just that area. The map didn't display all the way when I up loaded it. At the top where it looks like there should be circles is where there are circles that the query had produced. If yall would like me to display the circles then post a comment and I will hope for the best

Week 9 = 10/19/07

Today in class was a break in the normal flow of the class. The normal flow is we come in lecture on one or two chapters and then do some lab exercises with the remaining time. With the normal flow I usually have little to zero troubles after I get started. Today was not a normal day. When we came in we were able to finish our lab exercises from the previous class. For me I had already done chapters eight and nine and all I had to do was chapter tweleve. Not only was I able to finish chapter twelve but I was able to export some maps that I had done from the second and third week of class to a jpeg. Needless to say that those images are finally on the blog. After two and a half hours of lab the instructor started to demonstrate how to download files from the Buncombe County website. The link to the site should be located on the left side of the blog site. During the demonstration we started to lecture on chapter ten, raster analysis, because some the data from the county was raster based data. After about a hour of the lecture we were given an exercise from the instructor on finding a site for a new school in the stowe geodatabase. When I went over to my lab computer and moved the mouse to get it out of the screen saver something weird happened. The mouse pointer displayed by the rest of the screen was black. My fellow classmates and I tried several options like "ctrl + alt + del" and hitting any key on the keyboard. In the end I had to reboot the computer. Think goodness I had saved my data before we started the lecture. After the computer powered back on I started on the exercise. During step one the instructor informed me that it would be better in the long run to store the spatial data folder on the root of my flash drive instead of in my gis folder due to there being a space in my gis folder. After getting through the computer reboot and the step one error everything else went smooth. I was able to finish the lab exercises in plenty of time and exporting the maps went smooth as well. Above this blog should be the maps for chapter twelve and the spatial analysis exercise.

Week 3 = 09/07/07 = Chapter 13 Maps

This map shows three different projected coordinate systems. All of the data frames are using the Albers Equal Area Conci projection but each data frame has a different coordinate system that defines it. This small of a map might be hard to read. If it is then click on the image itself to kinda get a better view. If you would like me to make the image bigger then post a comment about it and I will see what I can do.

This map shows which states have had the most growth between 1990 and 2000. It is kinda hard to see this map. I think if you click on the image itself it will display the map be itself and you might could see it better. If not, then post a comment about it and I will see what I can do.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 7 = 10/05/07 = Chapter 9 Maps & Tables

This map shows a selection of metals pits that are most hazardous and the type of clean up for the pits. The different colored dots indicate the type of clean up. To be honest, I have no idea what type of clean up the colors mean. When I was exporting this image I forgot to make a image that defines what the colors stand for. For anyone looking at this map and want to know what the colors mean then post a comment on here and I will see what I can do.

This map shows a map that has three selected abandoned pits that are within a half mile of the Mississippi River. All three selected pits have had there tables appended to make one table or report for them.

Week 7 = 10/05/07 = Chapter 8 Maps & Tables

This map shows a selected parcel that is up for sale from about two dozen or more parcels. The table to the right of the map shows the attributes (asking price, zip code, address, etc..). If you are having trouble making out any of the maps, then post a comment on the blog and I will see what I can do.

The map of the left shows a group of parcels that are up for sale and that have a asking sale price of less than one hundred-seventy thousand. The table to the right of the map shows the attributes for the selected parcels in the map.

This report displays the sale price, how many square feet, and how many bedrooms each parcel has that is up for sale. I wonder if the company that owns them are able to do a monthly payment plan.