Friday, September 28, 2007

Week 6 = 09/28/07

Today in class was went off the schedule and did something different. Here is the rundown of what happened. More information was given about the GIS that AB Tech is hosting in November. Also we looked at chapter six, aerial and satellite images. The powerpoint for this chapter had alot of aerial and satellite images in it. Due to the projector in the class, we weren't able to see the images all that good. I might have to take a look at some of those images on my computer. After looking at the chapter we did a lab that the instructor has created to test our knowledge of what we have learned so far. The exercise is on the GIS blog site. The exercise allowed us to take a map of the Bent Creek area and georeference the data. Within the exercise is two fifteen minutes videos, made by the instructor, showing how to do the entire exercise. The instructor wanted the exercise not to take to long and for us not to have homework. What really happened is that me and some other classmates were having trouble with the exercise, so we have been instructed to finish it on our own time before next class. One of the issues that I was having is actually something that is very easy to remember. The rule is always "unknown to known." What really happened when I did the lab was putting known to unknown. When I did this the map started getting alittle funky. After thirty minutes of doing this, I finally fixed the issue and put "unknown to known" with the instructor's help. Hopefully by next class I will have that drilled into my head that you should always put "unknown to known."