Saturday, December 1, 2007

Week 15 = 11/30/07

Today was our third test for the semester. The schedule indicates that we need to have one more test but due only two more classes that is going to be pushing it. After everyone finished the test we had ourselves another lab exercise. This lab exercise was to test our knowlege on how to use a set of buffers on a simulated project for Henderson County. I will admit that this project was kinda hard for me but with the help from Pete I was able to finish the project. Below is a screenshot of the lab exercise as well as the information about the screenshot.

This is the screenshot of the lab exercise in ArcMap. As you can see, or may not see, this image shows all the layers that are used in the map. This image was taking before I added a title and exported the map to a jpeg for printing. The map shows some areas to help Henderson County decide on a location to build a new landfill.