Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 10 = 10/26/07 = Cherokee County Maps

The map on the left shows the Cherokee County with the aspect option of the ArcMap software. The map on the right shows the hillshade of the entire county. The different colors indicate the different hillshades for the county. Of hand I am not sure what the colors mean but if you would like to know then shot me a comment and I will get a legend on that map.

The map on the right shows a contour for the Cherokee County. This map was generated by taking the downloaded data and using the contour option in the ArcMap software. The map on the left displays the cut/fill for the entire county. The blue represents the net loss for the county. It is hard to tell but there is another color on the blue map. Pop quiz hotshot, can you tell me the other color?

The map on the left shows the hours of winter solstice for the Cherokee county. You aren't able to see it but the hillshade layer is underneath this layer. If you look real close you can kinda see it. This map does not show any title or legend on it. The map on the right shows the final version of the map on the right. This map has a title, legend, and miles chart. The map on the left is ready to be printed and used.

Week 10 = 10/26/07

Today in class we went over our second test that we had. On the parts that I thought I did good on I did bad on but the parts that I thought I did bad on I did good on. Needless to say I am not going to post my grade on this blog site. After reviewing the test we got a demonstration on how to create a slope, hillshade, contour, and several other different maps. We were even shown how to download the hours of sunlight from any county in Western Carolina. After the show we were assigned to "play around" with the software for the remainder of the class. I decided since my grandma and two uncles live and work in the Cherokee county area I would do all of my maps for that county. The maps that should be displayed above this blog are the contour, cut/fill, aspect, and hillside maps. The hillside map may not be on the blog because I may not have saved just that map. I was trying to do the viewshade map for the hours of winter and summer solstice. Since the computer was taking a long time to calculate these maps I decided to abort those maps. When I tried the winter solstice calculation I got an error message about six minutes in it. During our lab time we were shown how to save a layer with our maps in that layer and we got more info on the GIS day. It turns out that our class is going to be broken up on that day. The instructor would like some classmates come from 8am-noon, some to come from 10am-2pm, and some to come the times between 8am-2pm. What I am going to do is report in from 8am-2pm since this is the first GIS that I have ever been to. I also heard that pizza is going to be served for our class. I only hope that there is enough pizza for the entrie class since most of my classmates like pizza.