Friday, November 16, 2007

Week 13 = 11/16/07

Today in class we did a online lab exercise that was created in another GIS class but was modified for our class. To view the lab exercise just click on the following words: Lab Exercise. The lab exercise is designed to test our skills with the ArcGIS software. If you look four posts above this you will see the map for this exercise. The question that you might be asking yourself now is "What happens if you come to a step in the exercise that you don't remember how to do?" The answer is that we have to either look back in the ArcGIS software book and/or go to the ESRI support page and find the answer in the online sections. During the lab the only parts that took long was downloading the parcels data from the Buncombe County site and exporting all my shape files from ArcMap into my Geodatabase. The downloading and the exporting took about thirty to forty minutes for each. Before the lab the instructor informed us that we were going to have a test the next time the class meets which will be on November 30th. I do look forward to the extra time to study due to me not doing so well on the previous two tests.