Friday, December 14, 2007

Week 16 = 12/14/07

Today was our last day of class. Finishing up the final project and taking our last test was the plan for me but due to a major mistake on my part I was not in class today. I have not finished the final project and I may not have many options remaining. My only option right now is to finish it up this weekend and talk to the instructor on Monday. Tuesday I thought I was gonna do option two on the final project but that didn't happen due to lack of data from my source. As a result of this I am doing option two. This also might be my last blog for this site. If it is then I have enjoyed this class and making these maps for the blog site. I would like to learn more about GIS and take the next GIS class but I have to pass this class first and finish out my other class before I can even think about taking the next GIS class.

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